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Instagram is developing a chat feature called “Nudity Protection” that will shield users from THIS issue.

Instagram has announced the testing of a new feature designed to prevent users from being exposed to nudity when chatting. Many Instagram users have reported receiving sexually explicit direct messages from strangers. Nudity Protection, the function in question, may become available to users in the following weeks.

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Instagram user Alessandro Paluzzi identified posted a sneak peek at the upcoming function. He stated that Instagram was developing nudity protection for conversations while announcing the function.

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Alessandro Paluzzi, an Instagram user, has provided a sneak peek at the forthcoming update. He made the functionality public knowledge by stating that Instagram was developing nudity protection for direct messages. He also mentioned that your device’s tech has your back when it comes to chatting with friends despite the presence of potentially revealing photographs. The photo-sharing app Instagram can’t access them.

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According to The Verge, Meta has stated that they are working on a solution to the problem of unwanted nude photographs being sent to users. Meta assures us that this feature will be entirely elective and that it is still very much in the works.

In other words, the technology prevents Meta from seeing real communications or sharing them with others, at least according to the Meta. A spokesman for Meta, Liz Fernandez, told the Verge, “We’re working very closely with experts to make sure these new capabilities respect people’s privacy while providing them with control over the messages that they receive.”

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Cyberflashing is the practice of sending sexually explicit messages to strangers, usually women. This feature is designed to prevent this. Users’ mental health could be harmed by its use.

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