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Indian Railways: The railways started this great service, nighttime travelers will have a lot of fun.

Indian Railways: If you sign up for the service that the Railways has just started, you will be able to sleep peacefully at night even while traveling. You won’t have to worry about missing the stop you need to get off at night.

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Indian Railways destination alert service: If you take the train late at night too often, this news will shock you. From the Railways’ side, things are always getting better for passengers. Under this, all of the facilities, like Wi-Fi and escalators, have been set up in all of the country’s stations. With the comfort of passengers in mind, Railway Board is always working to improve its service. If you sign up for the service that the railways are now offering, you will be able to sleep at night even if you are traveling.

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Travelers will have a restful night’s sleep

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The Railways have just launched the most convenient service ever for late-night commuters. Now that this convenience is available, you can finally get some rest on the train. Getting off the train at the correct stop won’t be a problem, even if you fall asleep on the train. Yes, the railroad has a service that will rouse you 20 minutes before you arrive at the station. It will ensure that you get to your station on time and provide you with a peaceful night’s rest.

In no case will your station be missed!

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The Railways have introduced a new, unique service, and we’d like to tell you all about it. The Railway Board has learned of passengers dozing off on numerous occasions. Furthermore, because of this, his station was overlooked. The Railways have launched this service in an effort to eliminate the aforementioned issue. The railroad company has activated this feature for the 139 information line.

The station will be picked up 20 minutes before arrival,

The alert function can be requested by travelers using the number 139 inquiry service while using this service. From 11 p.m. until 7 a.m., this service is open to the general public. The benefit of using this service is that you will be picked up 20 minutes before the station’s scheduled arrival.

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If you sign up for this service, your phone will ring 20 minutes before the station is due to arrive. That you may disembark without fumbling with your bags upon reaching the station.

How To start this service?

To activate the “Destination Alert Wakeup Alarm,” dial the IRCTC’s toll-free number 139. Once the language has been chosen, hit the first 7 digits, followed by the last 2 digits for the destination alert. Please now input your 10-digit PNR. The first number you dial will verify this. If you set an alarm for 20 minutes before the station is due to arrive, you will be notified.

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