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If you search these 3 things on Google, you can get arrested for that! Know about these 3 searches

Google Tips And Tricks: There are three things in Google, which can cause jail after searching. Today we are going to tell you about these three things…

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Whatever question comes to our mind, we immediately ask it to Google. People use Google to know everything from illness to food recipes. Google has answers to all kinds of questions. Sometimes the information on Google is found to be correct and sometimes it is wrong. But let us tell you that there are some things on Google, that you can be jailed for searching. So whenever you search for something on Google, then search very carefully. Today we are telling you about such content, which does not search on Google even by mistake, otherwise, you may get into trouble.

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How to make a bomb 

Often people search for such things on Google, which do not make any sense to them. Do not search for suspicious things like how to make bombs etc. Because these activities are monitored by the cyber cell. Doing so can land you in trouble. Security agencies can take action against you. In which you may even have to go to jail. 

Child porn

The Indian government is very strict about child pornography. Searching, viewing, or sharing child porn on Google is a crime. Violating the laws related to this can lead to jail. 

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How to have an abortion

Searching for abortion methods on Google also falls under the category of crime. You don’t do that at all. According to Indian law, abortion cannot be performed without the consultation of a doctor.


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