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If you use any online payment app, then be careful, this phone call can make you a pauper!

Paytm Scam 2022: A dangerous scam is currently running on the online payment app, Paytm, through which all the money in your account can be emptied. To avoid this, you have to avoid a phone call. Let us know which phone call this is and how the hackers are trying to trap you. 

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Paytm Cashback Offer Scam Call being received by Users: In today’s time there are many people who do not take wallets or money while leaving the house because their wallet is in their smartphone only. Here we are talking about the popular online payment apps in the country, through which cashless transfer of money can be done easily. Talking about these payment apps, the name Paytm will definitely be taken because it is a very popular and good app, but today we have serious information for you. If you also use Paytm then be careful because there is a dangerous scam running on Paytm which can empty your account…

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Be careful if you are a Paytm user

Let us tell you which such scam is running on Paytm so that all the users of this online payment app have to be careful. Actually, some hackers are trying to trap Paytm users. These hackers are trying to withdraw money from their accounts by luring them with cashback. We will tell you further how the web of this scam is being laid and how the users are getting trapped in it.

This phone call can be dangerous

If you are wondering which phone call we are talking about, then let us tell you that the phone is being dialed on the account of Paytm users, in which it is being said that if the user pays the electricity bill today. If he gives, he can get a lot of cashback. The user pays the bill in the greed of cashback, after which an OTP comes on his phone. 

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Can make you a pauper

The OTP that comes after paying the electricity bill on your smartphone is the only way for hackers to vacate your account. Actually, to attack the account through OTP, hackers also download a mobile app on that Paytm user’s smartphone, so that the hacker can easily connect to the VPN. In this way, money can be withdrawn by hacking your account.

To avoid such scams, you have to be alert first. Keep in mind, that Paytm does not offer such cashback offers over the phone, they are usually available on the app itself. Greed is an evil force and can do you a lot of harm. 


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