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First Look Review of the 2022 New Range Rover: A Lot More Luxurious & Features In This “Do-It-All” Super Luxury SUV 

The new Range Rover 2022 costs a premium price, but in the general scheme of things, it offers far more space, off-road capability, and luxury than its rivals. On speaking of luxury SUVs, the Range Rover has traditionally been the most well-liked model and a brand unto itself. Despite competitors, the Range Rover has consistently been the most well-liked SUV in its class, and now that India has received the new generation model, we get the chance to take a closer first look review at everything that the fifth-gen model has to offer.

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With a new platform, much more luxury and technology, as well as a slick look, it is obvious that the Range Rover is completely new and represents a significant improvement over the older generation model. There are finer lines all around the car, even though it still has the iconic Range Rover-like shape that makes it instantly recognisable.

The Range Rover’s design has received a lot of care to ensure that it is as straightforward as possible. The seamless integration of the door’s edge with the glass and the general lack of visible seams and creases are excellent examples of attention to detail. It’s also good to have flush door handles.

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new Range Rover 2022 first look review

The new Range Rover is enormous yet sophisticated, being far larger than the previous generation but seeming more athletic as a result of the redesign. Our favourite view is from the back, where the design is both innovative and fresh.

The vertical tail lamps, which are hidden when not used, use strong LEDs and are integrated into the gloss black panel. The split tailgate has been retained, and the idea has been taken to an advanced level by adding a movable panel to the trunk floor that can be used as seating for a picnic and can even be used to redirect the sound from the car’s audio system.

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As a luxury SUV, the 2018 Range Rover naturally comes in a long-wheelbase version. Therefore, let’s begin in the second row, where it excels above competing luxury SUVs: there are no manual controls, as everything is electric.

The large SUV lowers for convenient ingress and egress, and soft-closing doors add to the comfort. Seating in the 2018 Range Rover’s back is an absolute treat, with incredibly plush seats that can be adjusted in 24 different ways (and come with massage and other perks, too). The seat’s various components can be adjusted via a touchscreen in the centre armrest, and some features can also be accessed via a pad on the door.

Despite its many improvements, the 2018 Range Rover is not a particularly sophisticated vehicle in terms of technology or luxury, and the display for rear-seat passengers has everything organised. Therefore, it is unnecessary to have the chauffeur alter the sunroof or the window coverings.

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new Range Rover 2022 first look review

Aside from the obvious climate control, the touchscreen also operates the sunroof, cupholder, seats, and rear entertainment screens.

There’s plenty of room to spread out, and the front seat passenger folds down to make even more room for the person riding a shotgun.

The remarkable noise cancelling technology from Land Rover is a step above what the new MLA-Flex shell architecture has added. The Meridian 35-speaker sound system has in-headrest speakers that can be turned off to create silent zones like those created by headphones.

new Range Rover 2022 first look review

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There’s a new curved touchscreen that measures 13.1 inches and a 13.7-inch electronic driver screen for the driver. The option of haptic feedback on the centre screen makes utilising the system easier when on the go. You can choose from a wide array of colour schemes and a variety of trims, including semi-aniline leather and ultra fabric.

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In addition to the independent air suspension and all-wheel steering that decreases the vehicle’s turning circle thanks to a Terrain Response 2 system, there are a few other noteworthy technological features. Its off-road capabilities are on par with those of the Defender, including the latter’s ability to get just as filthy, wade through water with genuine impressiveness, and boost the ground clearance by a significant amount.

We anticipate that the 48-volt MHEV system six-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines will be the most sought after, however, the new twin-turbo V8 gasoline alternative will be available for those who demand even more muscle.

new Range Rover 2022 first look review

The Range Rover’s high price tag reflects the superior materials and craftsmanship that go into the vehicle. However, when compared to its rivals, the Range Rover offers considerably better value when it comes to off-road performance, passenger volume, and overall comfort. The base 3.0l diesel starts at 2.38 crore, while the top-of-the-line 4.4 V8 will cost you 3.4 crore. Overall, first impressions point to a highly capable luxury SUV, with the design, interior, and off-road capability being the most salient features. In every sense of the word, this ultra-luxury SUV can do it all.

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