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Do you think TikTok is on its way back to India? see the complete story

Tumblr is making a comeback in India with the help of Bytedance, the company behind Tiktok. Skysports, a major e-sports, and gaming company has confirmed this.

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TikTok Returning In India: We all have a slew of apps on our phones. It’s not uncommon for us to use apps like this just for our own amusement. Social media apps, OTT apps, and apps with short videos are all represented in these apps. The Indian government recently banned a number of popular Chinese apps. The Tiktok app was the one that caused the most controversy when it was shut down.

Since Tiktok was banned, people have been missing this app. Please know that this app can make a comeback in India once again if you are one of those people. The Indian government, on the other hand, has provided no details. Please go into more detail about this.

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TikTok is coming back?

Last year, Bytedance, the company behind Tiktok and a Mumbai-based company were discussing how to relaunch Tiktok in India. Skysports, a major e-sports, and gaming company has now confirmed that TikTok will be returning to India in the near future as well. An estimated 100 million Indians will be able to access the video app once again.

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confirmed news 

Sources say Skysports’ CEO Shiv Nandy confirmed that Tiktok will be making a comeback in India, and that’s according to him. Shiv Nandi claims that BGMI, a popular video game in India, will make a triumphant return if this happens. The Hiranandani Group was said to be in discussions with Bytedance a few months ago about bringing the video-sharing platform back to India.

Note: At present, the Government of India has not given any information about this.

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