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Do you have a notice period? The 10% wage increase offered by THIS business comes with “No Hard Feelings.”

New Delhi: A marketing firm in the United States known as Gorilla 76 is making headlines for a unique policy they’ve instituted for its employees. Employees who are currently serving their notice period are eligible for a 10% pay increase from the employer. Recently, the company’s creator, Jon Franko, published an article on LinkedIn wherein he explained the process and rationale behind encouraging an employee to quit. Jon says that if an employee gives six weeks’ notice, the employer will enhance their pay by 10%. And we swear there will be no hard feelings,” Jon said after publishing the odd company policy online.

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As soon as an employee gives their six weeks’ notice, according to Jon, the corporation will raise their pay by 10%.

Any full-time employee who provides Gorilla at least six weeks’ notice of their intention to leave and confirms that they are actively seeking new employment will receive a 10% wage raise for the duration of their remaining time at Gorilla. After three months, Jon requested that they leave. 

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According to Jon, the goal of this policy is to inspire individuals to “do something different if they are stuck in a rut or the wrong position.” According to Jon, this method is “far better than the standard two-week sprint” since it allows the organisation to make the transfer as painless as possible while simultaneously encouraging the staff to seek out other possibilities.

Jon also cites the departure of a “really talented” employee who was “prepared for something different” & had given notice to the organisation. To show their appreciation, the company upped his salary by 10% while they searched for a replacement.

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Naturally, we’d rather have people stick around. Hence, the company’s motive is to provide a transition that is “as frictionless as feasible,” as Jon points out. But it’s nave to think they’ll all come into retirement with us. The goal of our plan is to ensure as smooth a transition as possible,” Jon writes.

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