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DGCA Rules: Big update for air travelers! DGCA order such people will not be able to travel by flight

DGCA Latest Rule: If you often travel by flight, then you must know about this rule made by DGCA. DGCA has changed the rules related to air travel in the last days. Under the new rule, whether a disabled person is fit to travel by flight or not, this airline will not decide, but it will be decided by the doctor. If the doctor refuses to travel in the flight by giving any valid reason in the test, then only that person can be stopped from traveling.

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Only the doctor will give updates related to the health of the traveler
In an order given by the Directorate General of Airline Regulatory Civil Aviation (DGCA) to airline companies, it was said, ‘The airline will not refuse to travel by air to any passenger on the ground of disability. If an airline feels that the health of the passenger may deteriorate during the flight, then the passenger will have to be examined by a doctor. The doctor will give updates related to the health of the passenger. Only the doctor will tell whether the passenger is fit to fly or not. The airline companies will take a decision only on the advice of the doctor.

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Indigo fined Rs 5 lakh
This decision of DGCA has come after an incident at the last Ranchi airport. In Ranchi, IndiGo had refused to allow a disabled child to travel in the plane. There was a lot of opposition to this incident. Taking strict steps in this matter, DGCA imposed a fine of Rs 5 lakh on IndiGo.

What did Indigo say in its favour?
Later, IndiGo said that in view of the safety of the passengers, the handicapped child was not allowed to board the Ranchi-Hyderabad flight. The child was very nervous. Later, the DGCA said that the behavior of IndiGo employees was wrong and this worsened the child’s condition.

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