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Check Out The Specifications And Interiors Of The Brand New Suzuki Jimny, Which Is Now Available In India. 

In India, we finally receive Jimny’s keys, but there is a catch.

New Delhi: One of my beloved toy cars as a youngster was a miniature version of a Gypsy that was given to me, and it still sits on my desk as a promise that I need to obtain one eventually. The old gen Gypsy was and continues to be an emblem beloved by our armed services, but the private version has long been removed from the showroom floor. So, if you, like me, are enslaved by nostalgia, is there a current equivalent? There is, but the new breed Jimny has long been one of those fabled automobile debuts that never happens. 

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Now, we took matters into our own hands, or rather one person who imported one example into India, after seeing it at the previous Auto Expo and waiting so long for it to arrive.

We appreciate the kind owner who let us have a test drive in preparation for the arrival of the Jimny to a Nexa dealership near you. Though the shape you see here may change, the five-door version is what everyone is anticipating. However, it does give a tantalising preview of why this potentially be one of the most anticipated new car releases.

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It has a compact chassis and only three doors, yet it’s surprisingly powerful. The bold colour isn’t the only thing that makes it stand out; the perfect old-school charisma and the upright stance also contribute to its jaw-dropping appearance in real life. It’s neat, and I’m hoping the five-door version keeps that vibe going visually.

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The rough grille and round headlights are reminiscent of the Gypsy, and the large wheel arches are in keeping with the typical SUV aesthetic. This is not your average subcompact SUV content. The unique foundation is also a big part of Jimny’s attraction. Ladder frame chassis, 3-link rigid axle suspension, and AllGrip Pro 4WD set this apart from any Heartect (not to be confused with AllGRIP AWD on the Grand Vitara).

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The “2WD-high,” “4WD-high,” and “4WD-low” modes indicate considerable off-road capability, and their small size is another selling factor.

Despite its small size, the off-roader has a ground clearance of 210mm and approach/departure/break-over angles that are superior to far more expensive vehicles.

In other words, it is the rightful replacement for the Gypsy, a small but entertaining off-road vehicle. However, unlike the old Gypsy, the new Jimny also features contemporary comforts.

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The dashboard’s switches are pretty decent quality, and I like the sleek appearance of the instrument cluster.

Despite its relatively spacious interior, the 3-door model is so little that you can only bring a toothbrush with you if you’re going on a road trip without any other bags.   

The Jimny is not a race car, but rather a fun vehicle geared toward being robust and performing well where the road stops. The 1.5l petrol will be available in India, but a 6-speed auto/5-speed manual is expected rather than the 4-speed on the car above. 

If Jimny’s popularity in India is any indication, the SUV’s off-road capabilities and hip aesthetic will make it a smashing commercial success. We can only pray the waiting is finally over.

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