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Any mobile phone in India will only need one charger, and the decision will be made today!

Do you only need one charger in India to charge any phone? Today, you can find the answer to this question. Because on Wednesday, people from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs will meet with people from smartphone companies and industry groups.

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On Wednesday, representatives from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs will meet with smartphone manufacturers and trade groups to discuss the possibility of implementing a universal charging connector, similar to that used in Europe. Consumers will reap significant benefits, according to experts, but feature phone manufacturers and Apple, the market leader in smartphones, will see price increases as a result of the shift. Industry insiders said the government is considering mandating USB Type-C as the universal charging standard for all mobile devices, including laptops, smartphones, feature phones, and IoT gadgets. The government will learn the pros and cons of this action from industry representatives who attend the discussion.

Apple’s tension may increase

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Because of the need to bring along several cables to charge various mobile devices, consumers will profit the most from this change. A common source of consumer frustration during charging is the need to track down the proper charging cable, which can be a pain if you have many devices.

USB Type-C is available in most the Smartphones

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As a result of the many charging standards, gadget manufacturers will have a difficult time adopting a universal standard. Most Android phones already use USB-C connections for charging, so this change shouldn’t affect them too much.

Micro-USB-reliant feature phones are the norm, but low- and high-end gaming laptops and Internet of Things gadgets all use different proprietary charging standards. They have a steep uphill battle ahead of them. Simply put, this will affect the gadget’s aesthetics in other ways as well.

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