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A massive leak with 90 videos confirms that Vice City will be the setting for GTA 6 

Video footage of Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay has been leaked, with “teapotuberhacker” of the GTAForums assuming credit. The video depicts a work in progress and features intricate animation sequences, potential plot points, and more. Several key aspects of the game, like the protagonists, the tone, and Vice City as the game’s setting, have also been confirmed by the leak.

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Take-Two Interactive, the company that owns Rockstar Games, has begun filing petitions for takedowns of films that have leaked on YouTube & other social media, despite early doubt that the leaks were real. There is little doubt that Rockstar has put everything else on hold to focus on this issue. The so-called “leaker” is holding additional data for ransom and hopes to reach a deal with Rockstar Games.

Since leaks of this magnitude only happen once in a blue moon, to describe this one big would be an understatement. For more than 90 clips & screenshots, a lot has become apparent about GTA 6. First off, it has been established that both a male and female protagonist, Lucia, would be playable in the game. The released footage shows Lucia stealing a store, complete with intricate animations, gunplay, and NPC dialogue.

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Vice City is the video game equivalent of Miami, Florida, and several features, such as the initials “V.C.P.D.,” number plates from the Vice City Police Department, and a leaked video of the “Vice City Metro Train,” all but indicate that this game will take place there. One of the hacked videos shows both characters entering a nightclub, where they engage in conversation and trigger set pieces as they progress across the venue.

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The game’s visuals are decent at the moment. Leaks are low quality, but one of the videos shows the game being played on a PS4 Development Kit. With a PS4 release, the game’s player base will now be vast from the get-go. Some of the does look especially polished in scenes like the one when the male protagonist is harassed by bystanders by a body of water. In particular, the lighting appears great upon pixel-peeping; the wind seems to touch the numerous palm trees, and atmospheric effects like rain look very good for a game that is likely in its pre-alpha stage.

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The release of the game is probably several years away. There are, however, certain facts that we can affirm, such as the fact that the story’s characters will alternate between male and female forms and that it will be presented in a humorous tone. Once Grand Theft Auto VI is released, it will undoubtedly set a new record for the biggest launch of a video game. Since so much has already been revealed, Rockstar may decide to simply release an official trailer.

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