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A battleship larger than INS Vikrant is being built; how long will it be and how much will it cost? Read Full news for all the updates.

After the induction of INS Vikrant in the Indian Navy, preparations are on to build the aircraft carrier INS Vishal, which will be the second aircraft made in India. INS Vishal will be larger, higher, and heavier than INS Vikrant and will be constructed at the Indian Navy’s Cochin Shipyard. (Symbolic image)

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Currently, India has two aircraft carriers. Aside from the INS Vikrant, which was admitted into the Indian Navy on September 2, India also possesses the INS Vikramaditya, which was constructed on a Russian basis. INS Vikrant is the first and largest aircraft carrier built in the country, while INS Vikramaditya was built on a Russian platform. (Symbolic image)

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The INS Vishal may weigh up to 65 thousand tonnes, whereas the INS Vikrant and INS Vikramaditya are at 45 thousand tonnes. This battleship may be 284 metres long, although INS Vikrant is 262 metres long and INS Vikramaditya is likewise 284 metres long. INS Vishal has a maximum height of 60 metres and a maximum width of 60 metres. (Symbolic image)

Approximately 55 fighter jets are planned to be deployed concurrently on INS Vishal, with another 35 on INS Vikramaditya and 30 on INS Vikrat. The maximum speed of INS Vishal is 55 kmph, with a range of 14,000 km, whereas the maximum speed of INS Vikrant is 50-52 kmph. The INS Vikrant has a capacity of 1600 passengers, whereas the INS Vishal has a capacity of 2300 people. (Symbolic image)

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The plane’s launch pad at INS Vishal will be totally different from those at INS Vishal and INS Vikramaditya. The decks of INS Vikrant and INS Vikramaditya are somewhat pushed forward, while the deck of INS Vishal will be level, and the aircraft will be launched and landed using the CATOBER launch mechanism. Explain how the STOBAR launch system is used in the INS Vikrant and INS Vikramaditya for launch-landing. (Symbolic image)

The theoretical cost of INS Vishal is 55 thousand crore rupees, whereas INS Vikrant cost 20 thousand crore rupees to construct.

In May 2012, then-Navy Chief Admiral Nirmal Verma stated that studies are being conducted for the country’s third aircraft carrier, and the discussion of INS Vishal began. INS Vishal was supposed to enter the Navy in 2020, however for a variety of reasons, the project was halted. The Indian Navy has said in 2018 that construction of INS Vishal may begin in 2021. It is now projected that INS Vishal would join the Navy by 2030. (Symbolic image)

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In the past several years, China has been striving to deepen its penetration in the marine regions near India, notably in the Indian Ocean. In such a case, India needs massive, sophisticated aircraft carriers like the INS Vishal to safeguard her coasts. (Symbolic image)

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