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6 tips for a healthy pregnancy. If you want a healthy pregnancy, then pregnant women should make themselves aware of these 6 tips every day.

1• My pregnant body is beautiful –   During pregnancy, we see many changes in the body of women, but we should look at all those changes positively, and tell ourselves that my pregnant body is beautiful, and remember It should be kept in mind that their future is hidden in this body itself.

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2• My baby can already feel my love –   Pregnant women should be proud that, where all the relationships are felt after 9 months, the body of the pregnant woman, the baby can touch and love from the initial days. 

3• I can handle anything –  Pregnant women should always be active in their thoughts so that even at the time of delivery of the child, there is no fear in the mind, and the pregnancy remains healthy.

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4• Me and my baby are healthy and strong –  Hormones change so often in pregnancy that nothing is understood, so a pregnant woman should always remember that she and her baby are healthy and strong.

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5•My body is made for giving birth –  if you tell yourself this every day, the pain you feel during pregnancy will not be able to weaken you.

6• I can protect and take care of my child-  Pregnant woman should not depend on anyone else because it makes her weak and takes care of the child, mother should think good and bad of her child.

Note-  As a person thinks, he gets the same result, during pregnancy the mother should always have positive thoughts.

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