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5G Mobile Services: Internet will run at a 10 times faster speed, and surfing will be easier; Know the launch date of 5G

5G Mobile Services: When will 5G mobile service reach the common people in the country. This question is floating in everyone’s mind. Now the government has given the launch date and year of this service. 

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5G Mobile Services: The trial of 5G mobile service has been successful in the country, but when will this facility reach the common people. People are very curious to know about this. Now the government has given the answer to this question. The government has given both the launching month and year of this service for the common people in the country.

5G mobile service will be launched for common people in March 2023

Union Minister of Railways and Information and Broadcasting Ashwini Vaishnaw announced this at an event held in Paris. Ashwini Vaishnav told that 5G mobile service will be launched in India by March 2023. He told that the auction process of 5G spectrum will be completed by the end of July next month. The Union Minister said that India had launched the first 4G service on its own and is now preparing for the launch of 5G service. India is one of the few countries in the world to get this achievement. An adequate network will be set up in the country before the start of this service. 

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Data speed will increase 10 times more

Ashwini Vaishnaw said that the mid and high band of the 5G service of the Internet will be used by the telecom service provider companies. With the launch of this service, the data speed and capacity in the country will increase 10 times more than 4G. He said that after the 5G spectrum auction ends in July, the government will hold discussions with telecom service providers and prepare to launch this facility at the earliest. The minister hoped that the auction of the 5G spectrum would get a good response from the telecom companies and the government would get better benefits from this service. 

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UPI and Rupay Card will also be valid in France

The Union Information Technology Minister said that India’s Unified Payment Interface (UPI) system is flagging its success. In India, 5.5 billion i.e. 5.5 crore UPI transactions are being done within a month. This is a big surprise for the world. The whole world is watching carefully how India is progressing in terms of technology and economic reforms. He told that now India’s UPI and Rupay card will also be valid in France and its associated countries. For this, an agreement has been signed with NPCI and France’s Lira network.

He said that most of the new start-ups in the world are now starting in India. Recognizing this achievement of India, Europe has declared it the Country of the Year in the case of start-ups. The world is astonished that under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, how fast India has prepared an ecosystem for starting start-ups here. 

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‘India is now ready to become the hub of semiconductor chips’

Ashwini Vaishnaw said that now India has decided to become a manufacturing hub of semiconductor chips used in cars and electronic items. At present, the whole world is dependent on Taiwan and China for this. If China attacked Taiwan and took it under its control, then the back of the whole world including India would be broken. Therefore, taking initiative in this direction, India has taken the decision to prepare itself as a manufacturing hub.

‘Next month will be the first agreement for construction’

The minister said, ‘I am absolutely sure that within the next one month we will make the first agreement in the matter of manufacturing semiconductor chips. I am going to Belgium to meet IMEC officials. We will be able to confirm their support by June 16. The whole world is in need of a reliable partner at this time, who will not allow the semiconductor chip manufacturing to stop under any circumstances. India fully lives up to this expectation. The whole world is looking toward India with the eyes of hope. If India succeeds in this direction then the whole world will be successful.


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