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15 struggles that make us a better person

You must have heard this tagline of Axis Bank “Badti Ka Naam Zindagi” but have you ever considered what it means; This clearly means that no matter what happens, you should always keep moving forward with you and this is called life or this is what we call life. Friends, life is a part of countless stories. Many stories of which are favorite parts of our life, then there are some stories which we want to forget like a dream seen in the night.

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Friends, today we will talk about those few stories of life which give a new turn to our life.

Here we will consider 15 such tales which break us from the inside, but at the same time, they also prepare us to give ourselves a new look again. So let’s talk about them one by one.

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1.When someone breaks your heart.

When someone breaks our heart, we feel that now the world is over and now there is no reason to live, but perhaps this is the time when a person can do anything. All we need is some such support. Who can show us the right path. When heart breaks, our world definitely ends, which we feel, but this is the time when we can win the world, all we need is to turn our thoughts in the right direction.

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2.To be rejected or rejected.

This happens to us many times when someone rejects us or we get rejected in a job interview but it does not mean that you do not deserve it, it simply means that there is a lot better than this. You deserve what you deserve. Rejection definitely gives us disappointment but if it is taken positively then rejection always takes us on a better path.

3.Economic instability.

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Friends, financial instability definitely keeps us away from the things we like, but lack of money or lack of money also teaches us how to do better in less money and the most important thing about not having money is this. It happens that it tells us who are our own and who are aliens because when we have money then the whole world is with us but when there is no money then only those people are with us who are really our own. Is.


Every person has to do some work. Some do the housework and some outside. Life cannot pass without work. But there are times when those days are made for rest when we have to do that even in those days. We have to work, then life seems boring to us, but we forget that this hard work will make us one day in the forefront and the most different, so friends, keep working hard and keep moving forward, victory will be yours.


It is said that school days are the best but as long as we are in school, we find it very useless and it seems that just once let us go to college, we will change the world but as soon as we go to college, the world changes itself. . The first few days go through a lot of fun, that’s why we come to college whenever we want and when we want to bunk class and go out to have fun with friends but as soon as assignments, tests,

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6.The passing of someone you love dearly.

When we love someone, our life starts revolving around him, but as soon as that person leaves our life due to some reason, life starts feeling like a burden and we are not able to tolerate his departure, but as soon as that person leaves our life. We start trying to understand his passing in the right sense, we start becoming emotionally strong and when a person becomes emotionally strong once then not many things bother him. Losing someone is always a loss for us. It is not necessary that sometimes it is better for us to leave someone from our life, friends and we do not understand this thing at that time but after some years we definitely understand.

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A human being is bound by many relationships. Many relationships are attached to us as soon as we are born and some relationships are such that we make ourselves. No human can live without relationships. Whether the relationship is of friendship, love or with our family members, all these relationships make us better at some point because every person is different and when we make a relationship with someone, we have to fulfill it. Many times they compromise and sometimes they do all the things that we do not like but our partner, friends or family like very much. Many times we are able to do better because of our friends, because of them we get to learn many new things.

8.Driving a car or riding a bike.

Driving is an art that teaches us when to go slow and when to go fast. That is, we get to learn from this how to maintain a balance and when we drive a car or bike, then we also learn to concentrate in one place.

9.Horror Past

There are many such incidents in our past that do not allow us to move forward and again and again we keep on cursing ourselves as responsible for all those things, but we should never do this because it is said that whatever happens is good. And this is also true, even if we do not understand this thing at that time and it seems like a proverb, but after a few years we understand that this is true, so we should always focus on our present. By cursing our past It is better that we learn our mistake from him and rectify it and move on.


Success is not the result of one or two days but the hard work of our years. It happens many times when we do not get the fruits of our hard work, then we change our intentions and start thinking of doing something else. Whenever we are not being successful then we should change the path, not our intentions, do you know that a new path should be like a new key which will open the lock of your success. Always be patient and keep moving forward, one day success is definitely yours. Step will kiss

11.Getting out of the house.

When we leave our parents for the first time and go to a new city with hostel or room, whether for work or study, then we are very happy and excited because now we are free from all restrictions. But When we have to cook, wash clothes and do all the household responsibilities in a few paisa, then we understand what life and freedom are. But when we learn to do all these things and are on our feet When we stand up and start taking our own decisions, then we grow up in the real sense and only then we understand how good or bad it is to be independent.

12.Emptiness and sadness.

Sometimes we feel very lonely even when we are with everyone and perhaps this is the time when we understand what we want from our life and this is the time when we find ourselves ie. This is the best time to explore and from this we also get new ideas. Sometimes being alone is good for us.

13.Inappropriate behavior

In life, we meet many such people who do not treat us according to us and when this happens then it is natural for us to be sad. But we should take it in such a way that we should not care what others think about us. Only we know what we are and what we can do, so instead of getting upset due to misbehavior of someone like this, trust in ourselves. You should keep it and face every situation boldly because if someone is not able to see your ability then it is not your fault in it.


Many times in life we ​​fail and every time after being disappointed for some time, we raise ourselves again and prepare ourselves to fight a new war, perhaps this is the best way to live life because problems are ours. Together they will be with us till the last breath and not giving up on them is the best way to move forward.

15.Threat to life and safety.

Friends, there are many such accidents with us when our life is in danger, when a thief breaks into our house or many times when we go on dangerous paths, then we understand how to take the right path or how. We can avoid this. When a danger is in front of us, then only we understand the way to avoid it.

Friends, every problem takes us on a new path and makes us stronger, so we should never run away from problems, but we should face it firmly. When you are able to face these 15 struggles firmly and one day when someone asks you what is the secret behind going so far, you will easily feel proud to mention these 15 struggles and will be able to inspire others too. And somewhere they will be able to make their life better too.

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