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14-year-old brave child clashed with a crocodile and saved his life by fighting

The discussions about the bravery of a 14-year-old boy from Odisha are occurring everywhere. Actually, this child who went to bathe in the river was suddenly attacked by a crocodile, on which the child not only faced the crocodile with his intelligence but also overtook him.

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A child from Odisha’s Kendrapara district set such an example of courage that everyone is praising him. Here in a village on the banks of the river, this 14-year-old courageous boy had gone to take a bath in the river, during which he was suddenly attacked by a dangerous crocodile. However, this brave child, showing his intelligence, not only faced that crocodile but also overcame it and was able to save himself. 

The boy’s name is being told as Om Prakash Sahu, who was taking a bath with his friends in the Kani river near Araji village of Kendrapara district when a dangerous crocodile reached there and attacked him. The boy fought the crocodile without fear and saved his life by fighting bravely.

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The boy punched the crocodile

As soon as the crocodile swung towards him to catch this boy, the boy punched him hard on his mouth and eyes. Due to this attack, the crocodile’s grip became loose and Om Prakash, showing understanding, came out of the water immediately. However, during this time the crocodile’s claws hit the child’s body, due to which he got injured. Om Prakash was treated at SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack. And now he is said to be fine.

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Let us tell you that this is the third incident of crocodile attack in this area within the last month. The population of saltwater crocodiles in Bhitarkanika has increased manifold from 96 in 1975 to 1984.


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