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Tv’s famous Naagin season 6 actress hospitalised, Read Here full news.

Mahek Chahal, who appeared in “Big Boss Season 5” and “Naagin 6,” has not been feeling well for a few days. The actress’s health had become so bad that the ICU put her on a ventilator. As soon as they heard this news, Mehak’s supporters began to cry and pray for her quick recovery. Mehak, however, has already left the hospital and posted the footage on social media. The actress was seen in this video providing her followers with updates on her health.

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ailing from pneumonia
mahek chahal

Mehak (Mahekk Chahal) is shown in this video laying on the bed and confessing, while she was filming, that she had pneumonia. But now I’m doing better than I was. I first disregarded my cold, which led to pneumonia later on. I’ve previously had to travel a lot for business. She didn’t care since she was ignoring it.

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Fans will like this appeal.

Along with this, Mehak urged the viewers at the conclusion of the video to take any chest discomfort experienced when breathing or coughing seriously. Visit a doctor right away to get examined.

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was kept on an oxygen ventilator for a number of days.

Mehak Chahal had chest trouble on January 2 and was subsequently hospitalised. After experiencing respiratory difficulties, she was placed on an oxygen ventilator in the intensive care unit. Mehak had bronchitis, and the infection had spread to her lungs. As soon as the actress was admitted to the hospital, social media erupted in terror. Mehak Chahal was last featured in the Ekta Kapoor television series “Naagin 6,” I should mention.

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