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Ration Card is an important identity card to have in India to avail government food benefits.

Ration Card: There is good news for those who use ration cards. If you also benefit from the free ration, the government has changed the restrictions drastically (Ration new rules). The state administration and the federal government have made a significant choice for the card holders. Many folks will now get a less ration than they did before. The state government has also assigned a number in addition to this. We’ll let you know which regulations have changed.

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Ration Card

will no longer get as much rice

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Explain that the government has chosen to lower the rice allotment while modifying the regulations for ration cards. Millions of state recipients will now get 1 kg less rice than they did before. For the benefit of the state’s residents, the Telangana administration made this choice. The state administration has announced that the amount of rice distributed would be less going forward.

Numerous recipients’ names were omitted.

In addition, the Haryana government has provided ration card users with a new toll-free number. Let us inform you that many individuals in the state have had their names removed off their ration cards, which has caused a lot of problems for the populace. To solve the concerns of those beneficiaries whose names were incorrectly chopped off in this case, two numbers have been supplied.

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These figures came from the state government.

The government of Haryana has released the 1967 and 1800 180 287 numbers. On these numbers, you may file a complaint. According to the state administration, complaints made about these statistics will prompt quick action.

2 lakh crores will be spent by the federal government.

In addition to all of this, the Central Government launched a unique facility this year with consideration for the needs of the underprivileged. The government would spend more than Rs 2 lakh crore on food subsidies in this year, 2023, so that the underprivileged and other groups in the nation won’t have to worry about food.

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