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Ramayana is still staged in the Muslim country Indonesia, Hinduism is also mentioned in history

Today we will tell you about Bali which is located in Indonesia, how can you reach there? Where does he stop after reaching? What are the places where you can visit and what are the problems that you may face and what are the things that you should not do there or else you may get into trouble? Let’s start by answering all your questions.

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Bali is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia.

1.What things should you take with you before leaving?

Before going here, you should keep your documents, passport, return flight ticket, hotel booking, successful funds so that you do not face any problem at the time of check-in and your entry can be done easily.

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2.How to go?

Friends, Visa on Arrival is free for Indians to go to Bali. Friends, if we talk about how we have to go to Bali, then friends, direct flight from India is difficult. For this you can go to Kolkata which will be cheaper for you and you can take over and go to Kuala Lumpur and from here you will reach Bali.

3.What are the things you should know about currency and SIM?

Friends, before going here, you should know what is the difference between the currency here and ours here. Here ₹1 of Indonesia is 200 Indonesian Rupiah. It will be better if you convert in rupees. Apart from this, if you want, you can also get it converted into dollars. At the airport, you should convert only the money you need, because the charges at the airport cost you more and if you go out and get it converted, it will take a little less. You will get WiFi at the airport.

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When you go from the airport to the hotel, then you will understand that people of Hindu religion live here more because pictures related to Hindu religion will be seen.

4.Where to get the SIM card?

If you want to take a SIM card, then you can take it from the local market, whose name is Kuto and Seminyak. If you take a SIM from here, then you will get a SIM within ₹ 500. And 20 to 25 GB data will also be available. If you take a SIM from any other place, then you will get SIM between 1000 to 1500 and data will be available between 9GB to 15GB.

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5.How to travel?

To travel friends, if you want, you can take scooty on rent, which will get you between 300 and 600 for 24 hours.

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6.Now after taking all the information, we tell you which is the place where you can roam now.

• Uluwatu Temple

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Let us tell you that if you want to go to any temple, then it is the custom of Indonesia that you will go there wearing a lungi, if you do not wear a lungi, then you may not be allowed inside. So talk about Uluwatu Temple, then here But you will get an entry fee of ₹ 250 according to Indian Rupees, one and a half hundred for children.

Evening is the best time to visit here as you will get to see the sunset which is very best there. But along with this there are many cultural events which you will be very happy to see. You will feel that your money has been recovered. Friends, if you want, you can take an elephant toy from here. You can buy it for ₹ 200. 

• Garun Vishnu Statue 

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Friends, if we talk about entry ticket here, then it will cost ₹ 625 according to Indian Rupees and 500 for children. Welcome drink is available here which is free. which you can enjoy. Rindic Bamboo is the most popular musical instrument here.

• Tanah Lot Temple Friends, the entry fee here is 300 and going to the top is not allowed but yes you can see the sunset. If you have not seen the sunset here, then what have you seen then.

•Pantai Batu Belig Beach 

It is very famous for sunset, but death ceremonies also take place here, that is, even after the person who dies, the events that happen after his death also happen here.

•Fin’s Club 

Friends, entry here is free for everyone. You can come between 7:00 to 11:00. If you want, you can order and eat something and if you do not feel like eating anything, then you can sit comfortably and enjoy here. Friends, you will get to see people of all ages here.

•Mount Batur Track 

This trek is done so that you can see the sunset. The sunset here is very beautiful. And per person his ticket is ₹ 400 according to Indian Rupees. Friends, it is said that if you have not seen the sunset here, then you have not seen anything in the world.

•Potato Head Beach, La Favela Club, Kuteta Club These are some other places where you can explore Bali.

7.Petrol Price.

Petrol is very cheap here in India’s comparison, for ₹ 50 you will get about 1 liter of petrol, so that you can explore things easily.

8.What is something that you absolutely must not forget to try?

If you come to Bali, then definitely try the local food here. You will love eating local food.

9.Where to stay?

Now tell you which is the place where you can stay in Bali. So friends, there are many places where you can stay and explore your trip very well, but friends, I suggest you two places. What I would like to do is-

• First Grand Mega Resort

• Another Uday Resort & Spa Hotel

• These two are very beautiful, if you go here you will not be disappointed at all.

10.What problem may be faced?

If we talk about the problem, then it can be a problem of currency because the currency here is very big, that is, we have 200 Indonesian rupees of 1 Indonesia, due to which you can have a lot of problem understanding the currency. So the most important thing is that you understand the currency very well so that you do not pay too much money.

So friends, this was all the things related to Bali that you should know before going there. Hope you liked it. So when are you going to Bali? Quickly plan your trip and visit.

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