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No one can stop you from becoming a millionaire if you have an old one rupee note; you just have to do this work

Indian Currency Notes: If you have antique and rare coins and notes, selling them online is a simple and quick method to make money.

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Earn Lakhs Of Rupees In Exchange Of 1 Rupee Note: This is your chance to make money rapidly without having to work. We’re going to tell you about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a millionaire without ever leaving your house. Each note has a different and distinct value. Except for the Re 1 note, which has the signature of the Finance Secretary of India, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is accountable for the value of the rest of the country’s notes.

Sell ​​your unique note online like this

You may earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home if you have this special 1 rupee note. When things get old, they are classified as antiques, which are in high demand on the worldwide market and sell for a high price. Many websites specialize in auctioning rare banknotes and coins. OLX is one of the most popular sites for this. You must first create your login ID before bidding on your currency. Anyone can auction coins on by creating an ID. For the auction, you must upload a photo of your coin.

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The old notes we are talking about can be from the era of your grandparents. If you’re lucky, the buyer will get in touch with you directly. From there you can sell your coin or note as per the terms of payment and delivery

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The antique notes we’re talking about could be from your grandparents’ time. If you’re fortunate, the buyer will contact you directly. You can then sell your currency or note according to the payment and delivery terms.

Let’s take a step by step example as an example:

Step 1: Go to .

Step 2: Register yourself as a ‘Seller’ on the website. However, if you are already a registered seller on the platform, you can log in directly.

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Step 3: Upon logging in, you will have to create a list for the note. You’ll need to upload a clear picture of your note to the list so that your ads look genuine. You also need to set the price at which you want to sell the note.

Step 4: Once your listing is live, people who are fond of collecting old notes and coins will start contacting you.

Step 5: You can negotiate with the buyers to sell your coin at the desired price.

When was the first Rs 1 note printed?

The first Re 1 note was issued on November 30, 1917, and it featured a portrait of King George V. According to news accounts, the printing of the Re 1 note ceased in 1926, but resumed in 1940. At the same time, the printing of one rupee notes was temporarily halted in 1994, but resumed on January 1, 2015.

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