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Lucky Plants: By planting these 5 plants at home, there will never be any shortage of money, just don’t make this one mistake

Lucky Plants for House: In Vastu Shastra, planting some plants in the house is said to be very auspicious. These plants not only bring positivity in the house but also bring immense happiness and prosperity. It can be said that these plants increase the inflow of money in the house. These can be called the luckiest plants for the house. However, apart from the money plant, there are also many plants involved, which attract money like a magnet. 

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Bamboo plant – It is considered very auspicious to have a bamboo plant in the house or in front of the house in Vastu Shastra. If you cannot plant a bamboo plant in front of the house, then keep a bamboo plant inside the house in the northeast or north direction. In no time, money will start raining in the house. 

Pomegranate Plant – Pomegranate is not only a beneficial fruit and benefits health, but it is also very good in terms of economic condition. Planting a pomegranate plant in the house gives relief from debt. Income increases and the economic condition is strong. Never plant pomegranate plant in the southwest direction.

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Cocoon Plant – The worship of Lord Ganesha is incomplete without Doob. It is very auspicious to have Doob in front of the house and gives many benefits. It not only brings happiness-prosperity, peace in the house. But it is also good in terms of getting children. 

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Bael plant – Lord Shankar is believed to reside in the Bael plant. The presence of vine trees and plants removes many Vastu defects. There is never any shortage of money in the house where there is a vine tree or plant. Rather, there is always a lot of money and food in the house. 

Money Plant – The relationship of the money plant with money is well known. This happens in most homes. But it is important to keep it in the right place in the right way. Keep in mind that the vines of the money plant should not hang downwards, but always keep them upwards by supporting them. 

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information. News Door 24 does not confirm the same.)

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