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Kylie Jenner Transformation from Childhood to Now.

It’s obvious that Kylie’s appearance has altered significantly throughout the years. Over a few years, the youngest Jenner went from being a cute teen to a complete glamour girl, making her a social media celebrity and business entrepreneur in the beauty industry.

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Baby Kylie
Late 90s

Kylie Jenner photos

Let us begin by showing you a youthful Kylie Jenner. She was once naïve, young, and undoubtedly adorable—a far cry from her glam face and signature pout. In fact, the influencer here resembles her daughter Stormi quite a bit.See Here the 8 Most Famous Hollywood Actress Without Make-UP.

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10 Year-Old Kylie

Ten years later, Kylie can be seen in the first few seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. You’ll be shocked at how different the reality star actually looks when you contrast this appearance with her present one.

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15 Year-Old Kylie

Kylie Jenner

Kylie, a 15-year-old, will make you look twice!

The youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner family would pull a duckface and use a bright lip colour to make her pout look bigger, just like your typical girl next door.

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20 Year-Old Kylie

Many people questioned whether Kylie had enhanced her lips because they were getting bigger with each selfie. Neither puberty nor cosmetics can make your lips that big.

She appeared to have higher brows, a smaller chin and jaw, and suddenly enormous lips. Everyone was clamouring to find out how she got her lovely pout.

20 Year-Old Kylie

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Kylie Jenner husband

Kylie kept a low profile in public and on social media in 2017 due to pregnancy rumours.

When she was photographed in September, some assumed she had added more work to her cheeks and lips.Top 5 Best Selling Male Artists of All Time in Hollywood, Check The List Here.

23 Year-Old Kylie

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When the year 2020 dawned, everyone decided to tone down their appearances while at home on lockdown, but this diva made the decision to amp hers up and don a completely new glamorised style.

Kylie changed her entire appearance by dying her hair dark, maybe enhancing her breasts even more, and applying heavier cosmetics.

And Now the current Kylie 

Kylie Jenner age

Kylie persisted in experimenting with various hairdos (or, might we say, facial expressions), even bringing back the larger pout!

Does anyone else believe Kylie will soon change into Kim Kardashian? Without a doubt, this is an inspiration.Paris Hilton, once drugged and rap*d by an older man, She recalled her worst time.

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