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Know some Interesting Facts about Male Body

As easy as it is to understand the mail body, there are some such abilities and features of our body that you may not even be aware of and it can also be quite surprising for you, some features and abilities like every morning when we go to sleep. Then our height has increased by a few inches, just as our body grows every day, in the same way, many changes keep changing our body continuously, whether it is male or female, in this article I will give you some such interesting am gonna tell about mail body facts

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Facial hair, a thick beard on a man’s face completely changes his personality from his looks, but it is not that facial hair is not on the face of a female, but it is micro facial hair, but Facial hair does not grow on their face, the reason for this is that the amount of testosterone hormone is high in men and due to some reason we get beard and mustache on our face. Usually by the age of 25 to 30, our beard grows completely but many people have the problem of not having a beard but you do not panic because it is also hereditary like baldness. So first of all you should remove the popular myth from your mind that due to shaving more, our beard grows faster and becomes thicker. Not at all, but by letting them grow, the more you allow your beard to grow, the thicker it will be over time.

Human body is an inviolable process that cannot be stopped in any way, as our age increases, many changes keep happening in our body and if we talk about slow aging, then more men than women. The aging process is a little slow, its region is collagen, collagen is a type of nutrient that remains locked on our skin and with the help of any collagen, our skin remains soft and young. For this reason, the process of reduction of collagen on the skin of men is slow, the collagen on the skin of women’s face starts decreasing quickly and for this reason wrinkles and signs of aging appear on their face early. And the signs of wrinkles and old age in men come slowly, but if we do not take care of our skin, then our skin can definitely get old prematurely, so men should also take special care of their skin.

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Baldness is a condition in which a lot of hair falls out on your head, and your scalp becomes clearly visible. When all the hair on the scalp falls out, it is called 100% baldness. If seen, 50 to 100 [1] hairs fall from every person’s head every day, which is common. But when you lose more hair daily than this and less new hair grows then it falls, So this is definitely a matter of concern. This is what is called baldness. When the hair falls out in a pattern, whether it is male or female, it is also called baldness, there are many treatments to cure baldness and many of them are also available in our country. Some of these are cosmetic and some are technology based. There are also some medicines, which slow down the process of baldness and make hair grow back. There are many reasons for hair fall, one of them being dandruff. If your hair is falling due to dandruff, then you can slow down your baldness by correcting it using neem oil. Neem leaves have anti-microbial properties, which protect against infection. Massaging the scalp with neem oil strengthens the hair follicles and accelerates hair growth.

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It is often believed that women work with the heart and men with the mind. Simply put, women are more emotional than men. But a study by American University has found that it is not right to believe that according to this study, both women and men are emotionally alike. Research at the University of Michigan claimed that both men and women are equally emotional. In this study, both the positive and negative aspects of the daily routine of 142 men and women were studied for 75 days. This study was done before the outbreak of Corona. Adriene Beltz, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, and her colleagues claimed that men are as emotional as women.

As you all know that there is an age of our puberty and puberty is the time when a lot of changes take place in our body, one of those changes is the growth of adam’s apple, whenever we eat or drink or speak something. It has movement which can be easily seen on the neck. Its bulge in the neck starts showing as soon as it comes to adolescence. There is a voice box (larynx) in the neck, due to which a person is able to speak. Addams Apples protects this voice box like a cover, In some people, its size is bigger than normal, have you ever wondered why? Science says, the reason for its size being bigger than normal is the tissues. When more tissue develops around Adam’s apple, its size becomes larger. Experts say that due to genetic reasons, its size can be bigger than normal, However, if this happens, it can be shortened with the help of surgery. If you think that the size of Adam’s apples is bigger than normal, then consult a doctor. By this you will understand whether it is really so or not.

I hope that after reading the article, you must have got a lot of information about the body parts of men, both men and women are very much necessary for this creation, some thing is considered better in men and some thing in women and For this reason both are very important for humanity.

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