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Impact of the Cyrus Mistry accident: Government to mandate seat belt alarm in vehicles

The government will require seat belt alarms in M and N class vehicles as well as reverse alarms in cars as a result of the Cyrus Mistry accident.

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Following the tragic loss of former Tata Sons CEO Cyrus Mistry in a car accident, improving road safety has been a top priority for the Indian government. Since Mistry’s death, the government has taken preventative steps, such as mandating the use of seat belts with a fine of Rs 1,000 for drivers and passengers who do not fasten them. On the Barakhamba road, close to Connaught Place, Delhi police conducted a special drive and challenged more than a hundred persons. Now, laws may require front and backseat seat belt alarms to be installed in all vehicles.

Belt-less drivers receive an audible and visual alert

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An audio-visual warning will play if the seat belt is not in use, and it will be required in vehicles of the M and N categories. Overspeed warning systems will also be required. The measures listed below will also be implemented.

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An alternative to using the central lock manually

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A child safety lock will no longer be permitted in vehicles classified as M1.

Transportation Ministry Issues Proposed Notification

By October 5, the government is looking for suggestions and concerns regarding its plan to make seatbelt use standard for all front-facing seats.

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When the car’s engine is started, a video warning will play with a three-level alarm to warn passengers if they are not wearing seat belts.

– Audio video while without wearing a seatbelt

– If the belt is opened while travelling, the alarm will still ring.

A special measure to prevent gambling will require the seatbelt to be extended by at least 10 millimetres.

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– This will stop many different products from being protected by the lock’s warning.

– The ride and the car will be safer.

The reverse alert will be required –

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 All M and N category trains must include a reverse alarm.

The M, N category 

– Anything with more than two wheels

– tasked with moving cargo or passengers. There will be no limits on the range of automobiles featured.

There must be no backwards-facing seats. 

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