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Forensic Review: Know the twist and turns, Vikrant Massey impresses with his acting

Forensic Review: When the murder of little girls one after the other in Mussoorie, the whole city gets shaken. The leads are nowhere to be found and a forensic expert is called. Only children come into the circle of doubt and you wonder whether this can happen.

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Psychological crime thriller: Director Vishal Furia, who brought the horror film Chhori on Amazon Prime last year, has brought a new film, Forensic. This is a crime thriller. Which slowly turns into a psychological crime thriller. There is a sudden stir in the quiet tourist city of Mussoorie when little girls are killed one after the other. On her birthday, a voice calls her behind her and before anyone can understand, she falls asleep in the lap of sleep. Forensic solves the mystery of the death of girls.

Who is the culprit

The basic connection of the film is related to forensic investigation. There are two reasons for this. One is Hero Johnny (Vikrant Massey) a forensic expert. Second, the killer is clever and leaves no trace. In such a situation, it is not easy for the police to solve this case alone. Sub Inspector Megha (Radhika Apte) is leading the investigation of this serial killing in Mussoorie. In the story, you feel again and again that the killer has got a clue and he has also come under the custody of the police, but only then it is known that the criminal is roaming outside. Other girls are in danger.

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Malayalam Remake

Released on the OTT platform Zee5, in this film, the matter is related to the killing of children, so Dr. Ranjana Gupta (Prachi Desai), who became the child psychiatrist of the film, emerges as an important character. The core fabric of the film is interestingly woven and tries to keep the viewer hooked. But the problem comes in the script. The film is inspired from the Malayalam film Forensic released in 2020. Which was written and directed by Akhil Paul and Anas Khan. Of course, Malayalam has more layers than Hindi films and it is more interesting. If you get a chance, you should definitely watch it.

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Serial Killing Ends

An attempt has been made to simplify the Hindi film in the remake. Also, this thriller sees an extra effort to stir up romance and family drama. Due to which the film wanders, not following a straight path. Along with this, the director has also spent time in explaining to the audience what is forensics and how much progress has been made in this science. Apart from this, when the issue of children being serial killers arises in the film, it tells that it may sound strange but there have been innocent killers in the world and country, who had no mercy and love in their hearts. However, the director kept the serial killing of girls from beginning to end and put many twists and turns before revealing the hidden face behind these murders. Despite this, the tightness in the film weakens at some places. Furia ki Chori had the same problem. That too was a remake of his Marathi film Lapachhippi. Which got many international awards.

Vikrant Massey is sticking to his role and his acting is good, but Radhika Apte is seen constantly trying to adjust with him. Similarly, Prachi Desai’s role is important, but her screen look needed more effort. The director has made many changes in the story of the original film, due to which this remake becomes dramatic in many places. Whereas such films should be closer to the truth. Despite these things, forensic is such a thriller, which you can watch when you get time.

Director: Vishal Furia

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Stars: Vikrant Massey, Radhika Apte, Prachi Desai, Rohit Roy

Platform: ZEE5


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