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Anjali Arora After purchasing an iPhone 14 troll on internet “Shortly, you’ll be surrounded by ED.”- Read Full News To Know More.

Anjali Arora, a social media phenomenon, is often discussed on social media for many reasons. Every day, Anjali continues to share her videos and photos with her followers. While some people like seeing these images of her, others are trolling her. Since an MMS leak in the past, Anjali had to endure being the target of trolling often. Anjali has now been featured in yet another online video. Following the release of the video, internet users started viciously mocking Anjali once again.

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In reality, Viral Bhayani just posted a video of Anjali Arora on her Instagram page. Anjali is seen returning in this recently leaked footage after purchasing an iPhone 14. The paparazzi on the scene at the time took pictures of him throughout this. Anjali is ecstatic as she discusses the iPhone. Her joy, however, did not sit well with social media users, who viciously attacked the actress. Different kinds of response are being given on the social media-posted remark on this video.

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“Soon this too will spread around the ED,” a commenter said on this Anjali video. Another person asked where did this celebrity end up at the same moment. It’s a wholesale company, said a different user. Just showing off, someone wrote. Another user said that all raw almonds are wonderful. One person mentioned in a comment that they had made a lot of money from the video. In addition, fans are responding in various ways by leaving all kinds of comments. Nevertheless, a lot of people are always complimenting Anjali and showing her affection.

It is important to note that Anjali Arora contributed to the conversation on social media by creating a video on the popularity of raw almonds. She did, however, go on to become well-known all across the nation after appearing in Kangana Ranaut’s reality series Lock Up. The audience in this concert adored his connection with Munavvar. She was also this show’s runner-up in addition to all of the above. In addition, Anjali often made news even after an MMS was posted online. In actuality, it was said about the video that the girl seen therein is Anjali Arora. Anjali, however, denied the assertion and labelled the video as false.

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