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Agnipath Scheme: Anand Mahindra made a big announcement, ‘Agniveer’ will be happy to see the offer

Agnipath Scheme: Amidst the ongoing protests over the Agnipath scheme, Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra has announced to give jobs to ‘Agniveers’.

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Anand Mahindra offers to Agniveers: Since the announcement of the Agnipath Scheme Protest, protests are taking place across the country and violence is taking place in many places. Meanwhile, Mahindra Group has announced to give jobs to ‘Agniveers’ after four years of service in the Army. Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra himself tweeted this information.

Anand Mahindra expressed grief over the violence

Anand Mahindra has expressed grief over the ongoing violence in many states regarding the Agnipath scheme. He tweeted and said, ‘Saddened by the violence happening over the Agneepath program. Last year when the scheme was considered, I had said and reiterated that the discipline and skills that Agniveer will learn will make him particularly employable.

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Anand Mahindra gave a job offer

Along with this, Anand Mahindra, chairman of Mahindra Group, offered jobs to ‘Agniveers’ after four years of service in the army. He further said in the tweet, ‘Mahindra Group will give such trained, capable youth a chance to recruit (job) with us.’

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What post will Agniveers get in the company?

Many Twitter users asked Anand Mahindra what post he would give to the Agniveers in the company? Responding to this, he wrote, ‘There are immense opportunities for employment in the corporate sector for firefighters. Leadership quality, teamwork, and physical training will give the industry-ready market-ready professionals in the form of Agniveer. These people can do administration, and supply chain management work anywhere.

There is constant opposition to the Agneepath scheme

Let us tell you that on June 14, the Central Government had announced the Agnipath Scheme, through which the recruits would get a chance to serve in the army for four years. However, after this period, the army will extend the service of 25 percent of the soldiers. However, since the announcement of the scheme, protests are taking place in many states of the country, and youth have come out on the streets regarding this. Demonstrations have turned violent in many states and protesters are damaging railways and other government properties.


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